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Complimentary Real Estate Promo

If you book an on site sale with us, and you are in the process of selling the real estate, here is what can we do. We feature a thumbnail picture of your property on our home page just over the link to your on-line sale flyer. That thumbnail is marked as a link to your property ad. Clicking on that link loads a fresh web page containing any information you want supplied there. A poll of our customers during our sales show that our web site is now reaching just as many potential buyers as our media ads. We know this type of exposure will reach customers that are not only interested in you auction merchandise, but your real estate as well, we are happy to pass this advantage on to you.

Real Estate Ad Contents may include:

To further assist you we recomend you have your realtor on site the day of your sale and we will be glad to introduce them to our customers or just announce their presence which ever they desire. This gives them an opportunity to "Open House" your property to a group that exceeds the attendance of most open house events. This not only reaches potential buyers but also spreads the word in the community that your property is on the market.